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About Ronix Uk Ltd.

Ronix UK Limited, is the modern developing trading company, which was established in the year of 2009 in England – UK, it is running smoothly in two major countries which owns development, production & Export of Footwear-Furniture - Cleaning Product – Tourist Fashion Gift items.

With Fifteen years of the chairman business experience, the company has managed to achieve an enormous success in the industry; the company has worked to promote their product & service internationally. By opening a new office in China in the Year 2010, Ronix UK Limited has turn into a well-known and great winner as exporter in the market; the company become a solitary hub for innovative people and institution worldwide

Our total work force consists of around 50 people. Every individual is been allocated a particular nature of job and their duties and responsibilities associated with every task are clearly mentioned to them, in order to establish effective managerial control and efficiency in the day-to-day functioning of the business. Besides this we have an in-house designing team in order to establish expertise & creativity for the development of the products we specialize in. We also work on the specifications and instructions of the buyer for developing several different products.
As a private company everything we do reflect our mission and the values that make it possible, Our MOTTO is to provide our customers with exceptional quality at reasonable prices with greatly gratification.

Our values as a company and as individuals are:
Integrity, transparency and honesty.
Responsive, Resourceful and committed.
Passion for customers, for our followers, and for skill.
Taking on big challenges and seeing them through.
Constructive self-criticism, self-improvement, and personal excellence.

We believe in customer satisfaction with smile. For further enquiry or free consultation (about Chinese trade) please contact us.

Our vision and foresight drawn from these root of principles:
Sincerity, Reliability, Quality, responsive, resourceful, committed,

And with understanding, comes commitment to strive even harder to take on new challenges.
Our experience, organizational skills and our extensive international network of associates, together with our quality products, have helped us to gain international recognition, enabling us to capture a significant percentage of the market locally and internationally.

We believe our name has become synonymous with beautiful, affordable, and well-crafted work. We have played a significant role in introducing quality Asian product to the international market. Our established markets are Middle East, Europe, South America, African, Australia and Russia. We determine to maintain our competitiveness in the market and we have confident that with our truly sustainable business, we are able to achieve this aim.